Terms and Conditions

The parties (to be referred as ‘Parties’) – the natural and/or legal person (to be referred as ‘Customer’) and Villa Kırkpınar (to be referred as ‘Hotel’) located in Yeşil Meydan No:10 Kırkpınar Sapanca, Sakarya – have made an agreement within the frame of the following clauses considering that the agreement is an official proposal, that it includes all the conditions to provide a paid accommodation service, that all the terms below are binding (mandatory) for the parties, that they are displayed on www.villakirkpinar.com, and that they cannot be changed by the customer.



1.1. Pursuant to this agreement, the Hotel is liable to provide accommodation service (to be referred as ‘Service’) in the Hotel upon the request of the Customer.


1.2. Upon signing this agreement (the Customer confirms that he/she has signed this agreement by making a reservation to accommodate at the Hotel and/or for the services provided by the Hotel), the Customer confirms that he/she has been informed about the accommodation rules, reservation rules and pricelist of the Hotel.


1.3. As of the date of this agreement, the Hotel shall confirm the request of the Customer.



2.1. The Customer can make a service reservation by calling the phone numbers displayed at www.villakirkpinar.com to affirm the reservation, or filling in the reservation form at www.villakirkpinar.com.


2.2. If the Customer would like to make a change on his/her request, he/she may apply to the Hotel Reservation Office by calling the phone numbers displayed at www.villakirkpinar.com on the condition that he/she obeys and fulfills the terms and conditions defined in this agreement.


2.3. The Customer or the Customer’s official representative shall notify the Hotel of the change of reservation request of the Customer 14 days before the estimated service date of the Hotel (start of the accommodation) at the latest.


2.4. The Customer can request change of reservation for only once without making any payment. If the Customer requests more changes, the Customer shall be liable to make payment according to the change, reservation and termination pricelist of the Hotel.


2.5. With this agreement, if the Customer makes or would like to make a change for any reason on his/her special discounted reservation at the time of booking, he/she acknowledges, declares and commits that the new reservation shall be made considering the prices which are valid at the time of confirmation of the change of reservation request.


2.6. Free accommodation and discount for children shall be applicable only if they stay in the same villa together with their parents. In accordance with this agreement, the age of the child who will stay at the Hotel declared by the Customer during the reservation process shall be taken into consideration at the hotel registration during check-in. If the hotel desk clerk requests, the Customer shall submit the ID card of the child during check-in for the verification of the child’s age, and if is confirmed by the hotel desk clerk that the child’s age on the ID card is different from what was declared, the necessary changes shall be made on the reservation and the price difference shall be covered by the Customer.



3.1. The Customer shall enter his/her own credit card information in the system for the credit card payment through the online booking system.


3.2. The Hotel acknowledges that the credit card information and the system are under the protection of a special security system that prevents the personal information from being displayed or copied in any way and under any circumstances. The Hotel shall neither cover nor be held responsible for the damages arisen from the disclosure of the information, documents and confidential data by the third parties due to the malignant software and similar software systems on the Customer’s computer as well as the negligence of the Customer.


3.3. The Customer shall submit his/her credit card or the copy of the front side of his/her credit card, which he/she used for payment during the online reservation process, to the hotel desk clerk during check-in. The Customer shall be responsible for the losses/damages arisen from the non-fulfillment of these responsibilities.


3.4. The invoice shall be submitted to the Customer during check-out after the service is provided. The Hotel shall not be held responsible for the non-acceptance of the invoice.


3.5. Our room prices are displayed in EUR/TL/USD currency in our website. The payments to be made via Mail Order shall be accepted in EUR/TL/USD currency. Exchange rate data are provided by the Central Bank of the Turkish Republic.



4.1. For Standard Rate (refundable) reservations, all of the payment shall be refunded to the Customer by the Hotel by deducting the commission rate paid to the bank within 15 business days following the request of termination or change submitted 14 days before the Customer’s check-in process.


4.2. If the request of termination or change is submitted at a later date, it shall be impossible to refund the accommodation payment to the Customer, and the Customer irrevocably acknowledges that he/she has paid this amount to the Hotel as penalty. As per this agreement, the Customer is obligated to pay the value added tax in force if the Customer has to pay this tax for the penalty as well as the other damages to be paid.


4.3. The refunds of the payments made via credit card during the reservation process shall be transferred by the Hotel to the bank account of the Customer’s credit card and/or to the bank account from which the payment was sent.



5.1. During check-in, the age and identity of the Customer shall be verified. The costs arisen from the misinformation by the Customer shall be covered by the Customer.


5.2. The Customer acknowledges that he/she shall check in the villa at 2.30 PM at the earliest no matter when he/she arrives at the hotel, and that he/she shall check out the villa at 12.00 PM at the latest no matter when he/she leaves the hotel, and that he/she shall pay any extra services to be provided to him/her after checking out the villa.


5.3. All of the reservation fee will be paid during online reservation.


5.4. If the Customer does not want the service after checking in for any reason except the Hotel’s non-fulfillment of its obligations, the payment shall not be refunded.



6.1. After the Customer settles in the reserved villa, the Hotel shall be responsible for any situations except force majeure. Pursuant to this agreement, the Hotel shall cover the damages by refunding or offering extra and/or alternative services to the Customer at such situations. That the Customer accepts the extra service or accommodation service shall mean that the Customer waives his/her right to ask for the refund of the reservation payment as well as any other right to claim for damages and to file a suit.

6.2. Any material damages caused by the guests within the hotel shall be paid by the Customer during check-out.




6.3. If the Customer is provided with low-quality service, the Customer shall submit his/her complaint in written to the Hotel representative; otherwise, the service provided by the Hotel shall be deemed perfect and on-time.



6.4. In case that the Customer violates any clause of the agreement, the Customer acknowledges and commits to cover any losses that the Hotel incurs due to this infringement.




7.1. Bad weather conditions, strike, lock-out, terrorism, military action, flood, fire, etc. technical unforeseeable situations shall be deemed force majeure. In case of such situations, the Hotel may choose not to continue to provide service, or may replace the accommodation at that hotel with a same-level hotel accommodation in the same or another region.


7.3. The Hotel reserves the right to recover such damages (damages in your room, destruction in public areas and/or missing parts) from you.


7.4. Small children are not allowed to swim in the pool without their guardian. Children are under the responsibility of their guardians. Villa Kırkpınar cannot be held responsible.


7.5. In our facility, there are bikes reserved for the use of our guests.  Our corporation cannot be held responsible for any accidents that our guests may have while riding a bike.


7.6. Villa Kırkpınar management cannot be held responsible for any loss of money and valuables as well as any accidents and injuries.