who are we

We belong to Çizemua family from the tribe of (w)ubıh of the Circassian who came to this land with the grand Circassian exile and who founded today’s Kırkpınar with the name of Çizemua Hable.

On our facility logo, you can see our family crest, which is the most meaningful sign that introduces us.

As the last generation of the family, we are pleased to welcome you adopting the Circassian hospitality as a principle with our all-female team in our accommodation facility consisting of detached villas, which we founded with the name of Villa Kırkpınar on these heirloom lands.

"When you arrive here, you will be welcomed by our centuries-old chestnut tree. Put your ear on its trunk and let it tell you the story of an old journey. Let it speak of the Circassian, the people of Çizemua, and the old ones…"